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Full Version: Forum Request
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First of all just want to say a huge thanks to Mikerr for having the first (as far as I know !) dedicated Tinkerboard forum up and running in the UK. Its proved invaluable to helping my find my way around the board and the members have been superb !

Just an idea more than anything. Is the forum getting to the point where it would help diversifying the subgroups a little more (so for example software could have its own 'Retro' section 'Media Players' etc ? Nothing to OTT as obviously the post count isn't huge but I was thinking more along the lines of certain posters seem to know alot about the OS , others about Kodi etc , perhaps they would almost adopt a section ?

Just an idea and I genuinely do mean a huge thanks to you and ALL of the posters on this site Smile
Please check permission for search robots (robots.txt?). If you check "online users" sometimes google/bing is stuck in "Viewing No Permissions Page". Also some SEO should be useful (like <meta name="keywords">) there is very low hit ratio for this forums from search engines. Also TLS/SSL is missing (letsencrypt.org?). Thanks.