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Full Version: RK3288C
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All the pics I see of the Asus Tinker Board have the RK3288 chip. When I received mine it had the RK3288c designation on the chip. Some websites state that the c is for ChromeOS enhancements. Is this true?

I purchased the Asus Tinker Board from Amazon.com

I wish I took a picture before I installed the heat sink.
Mine is RK3288-C and from Amazon.com, too.

I took photos for my TinkerBoard.
> http://qiita.com/mt08/items/bf161a3aebd53b14794d  (Sorry, it's written in Japanese.)

I found the differences from Datasheet.
> http://opensource.rock-chips.com/images/...170301.pdf

Page 17:
1.2.14 LVDS (RK3288-C has not this function)

Page 65:
Max CPU frequency: RK3288 1.6GHz / RK3288-C 1.8GHz   <= ??? Really ???
Max GPU frequency: RK3288 500MHz / RK3288-C 600MHz