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Full Version: Micro SD Reader Problem
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I bought a Tinkerboard from Pollin.de and had a few problems at the start.

First it did not work with a class 10 32 GB Hama microSD which works in my Raspberry Pi2. I used another one and I got the Tinkerboard running for a few days.

This week I tried to install another image and i saw that the mircoSD Slot was not soldered correctly. The soldering joints where loose
After that I tried to resolder the sheet which should be now be back in correct position. The contact pins for the SD-card seems to be okay but I never get my Tinkerboard to boot again. Always a RED-Led?

Does anyone has a clue?

I have used many 4 Raspberry Pis and one Odroid and never had a problem with the SD-Card Slot. This is really poor quality from Asus.
(04-11-2017, 08:58 PM)darthvader007 Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone has a clue?


i've got mine at pollin too. my first board stopped working after a week. don't know why. i got a exchange because it was in the 14 days cancellation period.


Please read the posts about power supply issues. This could be related to SD-card read and corruption problems.

The SD-card may be fine after you re-write the image if your power supply is the problem.

You may have an SD-card/slot issue, but be sure to check everything else also.

Were you able to verify the solder joints were bad with an ohm meter?