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Full Version: USB Sound Card - Input not working properly
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Dear members,

I have problems getting an USB audio interface to work with the Tinker Board and TinkerOS Debian 2.0.4.
It's a Behringer UCA222 (with TI PCM2902 chip). The card is recognized by ALSA (and Pulseaudio if installed), all inputs and outputs are available, and the output works as it should, but when I try to record from the input, it only records an awful distorted crackling sound at maximum level. But: If I change the sampling rate to 32kHz, or only record from one input channel (mono), everything is perfect, so the issue only affects stereo recording with 44.1 and 48 kHz.
It doesn't matter if I use pulseaudio, or remove pulseaudio and use ALSA directly, the behavior is the same. 
On RPi 2 with Raspbian, recording from the UCA222 inputs works flawlessly.
Any ideas how to fix this?