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TinkerOS_Android V13.13.0.74 Release
5. USB audio Output:

USB Camera (Logitech C930E) --> java.lang.SecurityException: Lacking privileges to access camera service
I want to use a USB mSATA Adapter for my tinker, they are more suitable for writing comparing to microSD cards.

Is it possible to set sda as boot device via /boot/config.txt, like on a Rpi 2 ?
How to set 1024x600 resolution HDMI?
(05-12-2018, 08:58 AM)vintm Wrote: How to set 1024x600 resolution HDMI?

We have support this resolution on following 7 inch HDMI LCD.©

Do you want to set the 1024x600 resolution on this panel? Or which panel do you want to set?
This is hand made 7'' panel on the Realtek RTD2660. I set the resolution ''adb shell wm size 1024x600'', ''adb shell density 170'', resolution is changed. But RKMC (XBMC)is 1080p. Android-Setting-HDMI i don't see 1024x600.

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