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Brand New Board: ✅SSH ✅Ethernet ?HDMI
I have a brand new Tinker Board that won't output video over HDMI Sad
The machine boots and I am able to access it remotely over SSH. I've run package upgrades. I have had no luck getting video out of the device. The display and cable I am using were both successfully used by a Raspberry Pi 3. I'm not sure if I am dealing with a defective board or if there is something screwy going on from a software standpoint. Any help would be appreciated Smile
I have the same problem with my TinkerBoard, but the board is not a new one. Here's my story so far:

I have verified that the monitor works with a PC, a Raspberry Pi 3 and a NUC. I tried changing the HDMI cable. I tried a different monitor. I tried pretty every TinkerOS version I could get my hends on. No successs! The Tinker Board just reports that it can't see a HDMI monitor ("There is no HDMI connected").

Since then I have googled a little, and it seems that we are not alone. Several users have reported problems with their Tinker Board and HDMI output. This is just one more nail in the Tinker Board coffin. If ASUS wants their board to succeed, I am afraid their effort needs to improve. There is no real enthusiast scene like with the Raspberry Pi and the official available ressources for users are slim.

I was considering exchanging my 8 RPis for TBs, but I am close to giving up my Tinker Board journey. I need monitor output, or my projects are worthless.
You could try these 4 options:

a) power your tb over an USB 3 port from an laptop or computer (different power supply)
b) try tinkerboard  armbian  (different OS)
c) change the SD card (different brand/series)
d) try it with the above options on a different screen (tv or another monitor)

The tb engineers could check your logs, but if the above options won't fix your problems you should RMA it 4 sure.

>>   I guess   @jamess   could be interested in this case   <<

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