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Tinker Board or Tinker Board S
I am wanting to get a sbc and the tinker board caught my eye because of the form factor and power. Should I wait for the tinker board s or just go ahead and buy the current tinker board. I plan to use it for game emulation and possibly an android head unit in the future. So I guess the real question is will the emmc memory make a big enough difference performance wise for the games or in android?
I have try the RetroPie installation on TinkerOS before. It can not load any ROM.
I try the visualboyadvance. It can load some of the ROM. But it does not support BLE controller.
If you'll use it with your TV -> buy it (HDMI-CEC is the magic feature here)
I'm not sure if an 16GB emmc would be a lot faster than good 32GB SD cards (Sandisk EXTREME 32gb etc.), but hopefully someone will post some I/O benchmarks soon.

I'm waiting for the next CPU-Upgrade.

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