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Official RetroPie support
And then the wheels came off.   Sad

As I was testing the various emulators, it was pretty hard to miss the audio issues.  Seems like more than a few people are having issues with audio on TinkerOS 2.0.5. 

The resulting audio quality falls squarely into the "not usable/assaults your ears/OMG turn it off" category.  Looks like its back to the drawing board for now.  

Definitely looks like a driver issue of some kind, and not some kind of configuration problem.  Still, lots of progress made thus far.  Will keep working at it and post back here when I have something more usable to share.
Yeah, I had issues on VICE with 2.0.5 but strangely seemed fine on 1.8. I'll do some more playing/imaging and see what I can do.
For starters, my goal is different - to offer a build that is as close to a stock official RetroPie release image as possible and document exactly how that was built.  After that is done, to create an "Extras" build based on the stock image.  -  this is our goal as well

Bring said, if there is something that I could contribute to anyone else working on RetroPie images for Tinker Board, or if anyone wants to use anything I put together (which will have some form of documentation), then I see that as a win for all. - Swing on by we can talk shop

Back on topic - more to come from my build in the next post!

TL;DR:  Tried ROTT.  Was pretty awesome - liked It!  ReteoPieTin has a different purpose and goals, which is who it will (soon) exist.
- Thanks, If you need any help, let me know. 

Swing by the: RotT FaceBook Group and join for even more help, trick, and tips.

Swing by My YouTube Channel if you get a chance.

lm digging the context of this
hello guys just a simple question wich gamepad r u using ?does a ps4 work ?
re: sound issue.

I tried building a stock image with retropie and was successful upon compilation.

to fix the sound issue, I just copied the ROTT retroarch configs over to my fresh image and it fixed the sound issues.

Not sure if thats the right path to choose... not even sure what differences in the configs they took. It might be worth the effort to fix the drivers instead(?)

What do you mean by "ROTT retroarch config"?
I downloaded debian source and compiled on TB. Sound is indeed unbearable, but otherwise it's running.
(04-30-2018, 10:46 AM)TB_User Wrote: @nuker311

What do you mean by "ROTT retroarch config"?
I downloaded debian source and compiled on TB. Sound is indeed unbearable, but otherwise it's running.

this image

here's the original thread:

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