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CPU temperature
Hello, First Post.  Has anyone tried this case w/dual fans from iUniker (IU-RP-045) with the TB-S?  It looks like it would be good...Thanks,  Joe

Sorry, I can't find the image to post!   Huh
[Image: 4Qgf7VH.jpg]
hi Radioman,
maybe one day will make one for the Asus Tinker Board ;-]....

k,  That's the one!  I wonder if it could be modified...I'll wait for iUniker to come out with a Tinker Board specific model.  I really love the first one you posted above, from Germany, but it does not ship to the US where I am.    Thanks for the reply!  ;o)
Hello World!   (1/2)

It is my special interrest to use low power consumption computers.
And I like cool things! Wink 

In my lab I'm cooling my Tinkerboard S with three different devices,
just if I need them or not.

[Image: 24y1xzo.jpg]
(The pictures were made on my workdesk only for testing!)

But, lets start with a well discussed problem.

As power supply I use an old "Odroid Smart Power" connected to the
Micro-USB-Port and never had any problems with it!
It's able to deliver 5A and also powers the fan.
But, as you can see on the pictures, it's adjusted a little bit higher than 5V!

[Image: uofv4.jpg]

The 12V fan is unhearable if powerd with 5V (but needs a little push to start spinning Cool )!

[Image: 3327x8j.jpg]

The big aluminum cooler, wich is "mounted" only by thermal paste, keeps the cpu arround 30°C!
(During "normal use", means for me listening to Audacious, surfing with Chromium... and of course the Terminal.)

[Image: 4taid3.jpg]

The case I found on Amazon and it is the same as already postet before from k247teK!

[Image: oq93ch.jpg]

I use this configuration for hard and several hourlong unwatched work and testing.

[Image: 23nxqv.jpg]
(Beautiful lights eh, ...don't need alcohol  to get hallucinations! Angel )

Hello World!   (2/2)

In my caravan I use this little beauty!

[Image: 25pmob4.jpg]
(In front there is a FireFly ROC-RK3328-CC wich made me not so happy. Till now I hope!
Maybe the problems comes from the "original Tinkerboard Cooler" on it? Dodgy )

[Image: vo97i9.jpg]

This Summer was so hot, in Germany, so I decided to mount, this time with scews,  a cooler with a fan!

[Image: fdvepc.jpg]

...and a SSD!

My first Tinkerboard S is mounted direct to my Monitor-Stand,

[Image: 2j1rmlt.jpg]

with just a litte fan, the original cooler and a M.2-SSD.

[Image: 2njai55.jpg]

For me, from it's abilitys, the Tinkerboard S is the first SBC wich can be a

In the corner you can see a lot of other SBC's wich I work with!

[Image: 2djnp93.jpg]

The Tinkerboard S is so very much more cooler then the other 'fruits' I used before!  Big Grin  



For me, the path /sys/class/thermal is empty. How do I check the temperature?
hi Radioman,

better late than never .. ;-]...

soooo... finally found a case like the  iUniker.. with or without fans ]]]]]]]....
[Image: 99KUd3Rm.jpg]
ZkeeShop Aluminum Case Alloy Armor with Cooling Heatsink Compatible for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B,
[Image: klqabJIm.jpg]
needs some tinkering.. to get it to fit.. & 
access to GPIO header  is not ideal.. 
that is.. cant fit header.. but have access to PINS...

part list
25Mx20mmx0.25mm Thermal Adhesive Tape,High Performance Thermally Double Side Tapes Cooling Pad Apply to Heatsink
AABCOOLING Thermopad 20x130x3 - 6W/mK - Thermally Conductive Tape Without Glue for PC Cooling Thermal Pad
Adwits 12 Pack Thermal Conductive Silicone Pads with 6.0 W/mk Thermal Conductivity, Soft Safe -Blue [alt]
Pxyelec IC Chipset GPU CPU Thermal Heatsink Copper Pad Shim Size 20 x 20 x 1.2mm Pack of 20
[Image: 6VJyPFhm.jpg][Image: 8sZXC4zm.jpg][Image: Aodmbwkm.jpg]

sorry.. didn't have time to document build [[[[.... only need 2 Copper Pads.. one centred on tinker board CPU..
the other off-centred on Pi3 case heat sink on underside of top case.. when you put the case together.. 
both Copper Pads will overlap ;-].. 

the AABCOOLING Thermopad.. the medium size strip (1.5mm).. for the two chips at the bottom of the  tinker board..
the thin strip (1mm).. good to protect the top of the tinker board..

it's a real shame I didn't have enough time to find a plastic GPIO header.. it would have made it perfect ;-]..
as it is... not too bad for a LibreELEC (kodi) build.. LibreELEC-TinkerBoard.arm-9.2.4-rk3288.img.gz
its been playing 1080p media from wire LAN NAS.. temp hasn't been over 65 °C yet.. 
[Image: kqeEFHs.jpg]

as an experiment.. stacked four Copper Pads.. stuck original heat sink on them.. 
& dropped the whole stack on top of tinker board CPU.. 
well.... results..  r  Great ;-]..  4 me.. 
[Image: dWFHCmr.jpg]
Idle temp 57 °C / normal opp 65 °C / over worked 83 °C

put together second stack for tinker board in closed case.. 
[Image: uN0l4Yf.jpg]
temp more or less the same as above.. but in closed case ]]]]....

Hope this helps,
unfortunately GeeekPi case.. was no good.. almost killed tinker Board trying to fit it [[[[[......
GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 4 Case, Raspberry Pi Armor Case with Passive Cooling,Raspberry Pi CNC Aluminum case with Heat Dissipation Heatsink Thermal Tape for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B
Refer video,

You can  reduce fan noise / cpu heat & I provided code link to check CPU & GPU temperature in that video

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