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USB internal pins
So, I was planning to build a case with internal connections(hdmi and micro[?]-usb), but only found out that it'd be only possible to put internally the HDMI cable, like in the image: [Image: bQ90HF2zRAKn9LZBI1Amvw.png]
But then the only piece of the tinker board which would be outside for view is the Gigabit and the four usb, which is where the power from the screen comes into play.
The cable would need to go into the micro usb port in the screen into the usb port of the tinker board to load all drive/get power.
So the thing is, I can't get funky wires to go out of the interior of the case(technically I could if I used some elastic and a usb sitting inside the case, ready to be pulled and plugged into the usb port), but my doubt is: is there a way to connect any of the pins to provide power to said screen and load the drivers? Or would I be better buying another screen with flat cable touchscreen?
The screen is a Waveshare 7 inch LCD C

Edit: after some boring search, found out that link: , which told that I'd need to:
(a) Remove the usb connector whole and solder directly to the pins (no way I'm doing that)
(b) Connecting the cable to the Tinker Board usb

I really wanted a way to make it work...

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