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I2C DACs working with Volumio?
I have a Tinkerboard and an OSA DACBerry One I2C DAC which is listed as supported in Volumio.

Cannot get any audio output.
Volumio runs, plays, adjusts volume but no output from the DAC.

Any suggestions on where to start?

Are I2C DACs really supported in Tinkerboard Volumio build?

OK I can answer this myself...


Yes the OSA DACBerry One works perfectly with the Tinkerboard and Volumio; just need to select iQaudio DAC Plus at first setup (not HiFiBerry as I had thought).

All fixed now and working well.!Ar_40Re3BOf_goVvbiPo7qWaYPDAQQ!Ar_40Re3BOf_goViy6vIX7obdlIWYA!Ar_40Re3BOf_goV1Aoa1mbtXJADysA!Ar_40Re3BOf_goVqS1on8gQEmx10XA

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