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Tinkerboard S .... when + where available?
as per title: Tinkerboard S .... when  + where available?

This says april

this says 30 may

Anyone else got any info?

looking for one now (UK)
I found the dealer who can ship from Japan to USA. (Not sure to UK.)
ASUS Tinker Board S [ASUS-TB001-S]
Price: US$95.00(tax excl.)

However, it shows the shipping fee as:

All of the silence around when it will be available in the US, along with the lack of availability of the original Tinker Board has forced me to buy a Libre Computer.  It's a shame, because I am a die hard Tinker Board fan, but when you go weeks without being able to get one, and nobody is talking about why, alternatives must be considered.

+1 don't understand why the silence.
Thought someone would pipe up and say "we are awaiting stock" etc
In Amazon UK, but £129 ...
Available on Amazon now but $149. I think they're taking advantage of the scarcity right now.
(05-22-2018, 12:37 PM)Mikerr Wrote: In Amazon UK, but £129 ...

Wow!!! ?.... Only after it for faster boot time (£30-£40 per second less at a guess)
i don't know what asus aims to achieve with this price. there are many more viable options out. 100 dollars for a board (at cheapest price) defeats the entire purpose, especially when the software support, if being honest, is a pile of garbage.
Tinkerboard MSRP : $59
Tinkerboard S MSRP : $79

Retailers should be closer to that as availability increases.
I think i read somewhere the TinkerBoard S cant be powered directly from the GPIO 5v and 0v pins, if thats true the old Tinkerboard may be a better buy

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