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TinkerOS 2.0.5 OpenCL not loading
TinkerOS 2.0.5 OpenCL not loading

I think this has been documented elsewhere.... but here goes again if so...

if you load clinfo 

$ sudo apt-get install clinfo

$ clinfo

with a default installed TinkerOS

you'll find out that clinfo reports no machines found....

if you navigate to OpenCL and rename the venders directory to vendors and reboot, you'll find when re-run clinfo you'll now get the full printout

$ cd /etc/OpenCL
$ sudo mv venders vendors
$ sudo reboot

after the reboot

$ clinfo

you should now get the full info of OpenCL now


We also found this issue.
And have been report to the chip vendor. For the short term solution is as yours.
But long term solution? We need times to take more try and check, for sure the stability is enough, then we update new GPU driver.


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