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Some Issues to discuss :)
Hello Smile

Before i start, i will say first sorry about my english. Its my first post here. Second i find some issues for the tinker os developers in asus, which is must resolved in later releases.

1) I cant find any way to fix the screen resolution. Currently i have Samsung Syncmaster T200HD that im using (is old model) and the higher supported resolution is 1680x1050. I have try any possible way to make tinker board s to play in that resolution, but every time, im taking a big fail (blank screen). I have read countless posts here in the forum, i tried anything, i have read a ton other things in the internet for a possible way to fix it. I cant understand, why must be so difficult to make work something so simple. What is wrong i cant find. Is something in the kernel we use? I see other issues here with the screen resolution its not only me. So, if developers, in later releases, can make the kernel or something else to read properly our tv/monitors will be nice..

2) The module does not loading properly. in glxinfo or in chromium we have vmware llvmpipe accelaration. In later releases of the os must be fixed i think (i dont know of course if is a problem from rockchip vendor or the developers of tinker os)
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