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Tinker Board S - eMMc booting other images ?
As per the title.... Tinker Board S - eMMc booting other images ?

I can write the TinkerOS image to eMMC and boot the tinker no problem.

I then write a different image (Armbian CLI) to the eMMC and no boot......

Suggestions how to resolve?

I presume its something to do with u-boot + the other images (not tried anything but Armbian.... which works find on SD card, hence suspect its an eMMC issue)

Anyone got other images to boot on the Tinkerboard S eMMC?

(TinkerOS is too bloated for me, all I need is u-boot, kernel, xorg, openbox and OpenJDK-JRE, hence Armbian seems to be the most basic CLI image available {still learning buildroot})

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