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ASUS Tinker Board Aluminum Case announced...
I haven't seen this mentioned on the site, so I thought I'd pass it along.  Beautiful little case, I'll definitely be picking one up.  I'm also quite glad to see ASUS showing this type of dedication(ie: support) for their board.

[Image: nQmZWyF.png]

I originally read about this release from FanlessTech:

Official ASUS website page for the new Tinker Board aluminum case:

I'm wondering if that extra hole on the end of the case is for adding a wifi antenna(or is just some type of an ir receiver)? Hard to tell.  I don't have my Tinker Board as of yet because I've been waiting for the S version...but I do have a couple of cases(power supplies and cables) sitting here and they don't have holes on the end like this one does?

Also...I really would have preferred to see an inside shot of the case. The top has fins and as far as I can tell from the pictures it appears to be a pretty hefty chunk of aluminum. Looks to me like they built an improved thermal cooling option right into the case?

Smile ,

Liquid Cool
Interesting it's fanless, as I saw this on twitter last month:

[Image: DfAop-wUwAAsAQ6.jpg]

Which shows the aluminium case, a branded PSU and a fan (with circuit)
Interesting Mike...I hadn't seen this. After viewing the photos about as close as i can(they're a bit fuzzy), it looks like a beefed up black heatsink under that fan. So, perhaps the "fanless" part people have mentioned appears to be an assumption. As thick as that top piece of the chassis is...I thought for sure it would be some type of cooling device. Looks like I may be wrong as well.

Nice to see what appears to be an official power supply. Curious to see what voltage/amps are as well as the gauge of wire in the cable. If anything, nice to see an on/off switch present.

I'm still interested, but I would prefer to hear a few people commenting on the fan noise first. These small fans can be real noisy and the pitch is annoying.


Liquid Cool
I wonder how much it will cost?

I like the akasa one :
[Image: Akasa.jpg]
~£25 (inc shipping)

seems to come with thermal heatsink blocks, but no one seems to explain how the heatsink is actually provided on these aluminium boxes.

I know there is a fully milled one for the RPi
[Image: 91T0HzG%2ByYL._SY355_.jpg]

, but I think the CPU is located in a different position as I've noticed that the fans on the plastic RPi cases that come with a fan are offset and not over the CPU.
[Image: s-l300.jpg]
...working my way through the 1000+ ways things don't work to find the one that does...
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  • Liquid Cool
What we really need for Tinker is a nice small case with a built-in barrel-jack and power to the gpio pins.
I agree on the Akasa case Robert, she's a beauty.  I was looking at them too, especially liked the version with no AKASA label. That is...until I saw the ASUS case.  I'm going to wait until we get further information on it.  I'm still thinking it's fanless.  I'm just not 100% sure.  Two things lead me to that conclusion.  The metal on the top is finned and thicker than necessary(as mentioned)....and the case if it did have a fan, there would be an intake/exhaust hole of some sort?  So, there might actually be some type of better cooler built in to the case.  Again...speculation.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the inside...Smile

I went ahead and ordered my ASUS tinker board this morning.  Just ordered the regular one...didn't want to spend 90 on it.


Liquid Cool
I dont think those are fins on the asus case, it looks like a grill (i.e. to allow air flow), and its a grill because the tinker board needs a fan
Interesting thought Z80...a grill?  Some how that could be the case, no pun intended.  Have you looked at the picture gallery on ASUS's website?  Viewing it from the side...that top is awfully thick all the way across. I'm not 100% sold on the top being a grill...but I have to admit....I didn't think of that!  Plus...I saved a picture of the top of the case then zoomed in very close...still can't say for sure.

[Image: oAYpLML.jpg]

Since I'm replying to you...this morning I was reading a thread about what people are using their tinker boards for....and I believe it was you that mentioned you purchased a mechanical keyboard for yours? didn't post any pictures or tell us what kind of keyboard it was!  I thought it was a great idea.

If I'm incorrect about the mention of the keyboard....please forgive my ol's timers.  Before coffee....well, I'm not at my best.


Liquid Cool
i still think it may be a grill , the top needs to be thick for a grill, since there will be cut outs along the length of the case, so what metal is left will need to be strong enough not to bend. i guess we will find out soon enough. I guess they could have drilled holes in the case, but that would not look as nice

heres a link to the mechanical keyboard i got off amazon

it was in the sale, so just cost me 20 quid, much nicer to type on than a membrane keyboard, plus has a nice typing sound

I'm fully prepared to be wrong on the grill and frankly the picture Mike posted is saying you're correct. I thought perhaps that might be two different "purchase" options instead of just one kit. Although, it makes perfect common sense that those two pieces might just go together. Like I said...pure speculation(aka: guessing) on my part.

If anyone comes up with any pictures of the inside of the case, please post them. Until then...I have the AKASA case in my favorites if the ASUS does have a fan. Performance-PCs carries the AKASA case(without the AKASA label) here in the US if anyone is looking for one.

On the keyboard...looks like a great choice. I like the looks of those mini keyboards as well as the 10 keyless variety, but I'm a lefty and still do a little programming and gaming(Thanks to Mike, I'm playing Minetest now!)...and those arrow keys/end/home and 0,1 keys on the keypad are a necessity for me. I've ended up grabbing one of these.

although...if someone was wanting something a little cheaper...this was my second choice. For 39.99US, I don't see how you could go wrong with this one.

I chose the blue switches. I like the clicky sound as well. Reminds me of my old IBM Model M keyboard.



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