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Kernel debug. Using the UART
Yeah, great! I did it. I got the u-boot shell via uart3, can interrupt it and do anything. But I can't save any changes. I run "setenv bootdelay 10" for example, after that "saveenv", I do reboot and my bootdelay still 1 sec by default, so my question is - how can I save the changes ? Smile
(12-10-2018, 12:23 PM)yandex Wrote: so my question is - how can I save the changes ?

That's a u-boot matter, which leads to recompile it with different options. So u-boot allows to set several configurable options. When using a pre-compile u-boot there's a chance that some option is not there. In linaro there's the option to use the overlay file to add new hardware and device-tree definitions for that, without to recompile.
In Armbian there's a different mode to boot from a small compiled script,  boot.scr, which contains several instruction at the same manner you found on the u-boot interactive shell. Then there's also the opportunity to add more files containing other scripts.

So by default the u-boot is looking for a certain type of file system, or to find the way to boot over ethernet, or USB media, or local media which might contain a extlinux.conf or boot.scr. But if you expect something custom, then fold your sleeve and go to compile your own u-boot.

Then you might get started by the default configuration and later you may browse over the configuration options to see that there's is also the way to store your own environment variables.

I can't recall all the steps, by now, but you may find some post on the forum which explain how to get on the compilation routines. Then at certain point you can get the rk3288-def_config to start from, later you might start make menuconfig and you are there to see all the available options. First just study something before changing, but even you compile a wrong u-boot, you may have a chance to revert to the previous one, because you got some experience.
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin

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