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Install an alphanumeric screen
Hello, I am a beginner in DIY and I would like to install an alphanumeric screen that only gives the date and time using the internet on my tinker board. is possible and how? thank you in advance !
 I'm french

If you mean an alphanumeric LCD, then there are plenty for few euros cost.

Or perhaps like this, then you should study how to set up the I2C interface. After with the displays's datasheet detail you might arrange the command to issue. For Tinker there are a couple of library to use in python or WiringPi.
And i can do it by being under android with the tinker board?
 I'm french

You probably need a study about the Tinker works with GPIO. Then you need to have a familiarity to write programs, in python:

OR in WiringPI

and last but not the least how you command your display.
If it is I2C interface, you should find the way to send the command to it.
If it is a Standard HD44780 LCD, then you should know how to wire the connection and to find a library which simplify the commands to the display.
Have a look at these.
But on top of all, you might learn to do some research and study the details. Off course if you search in french, you'll get lesser results Wink
Ok thank you very much for your answer, yes it's not easy when you do not understand much the language ^^
I will study these possibilities.
 I'm french

(08-12-2018, 07:15 PM)Leskriim Wrote: it's not easy when you do not understand much the language ^^
You might find a help by notre ami Wink
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to connect my alphanumeric screen to my tinker board there is a need for a breadboard?
 I'm french

I think is just for the initial testing. Once it results perfectly working then you may prepare a hardware to accommodate it.
Pay attention for the wiring length, better not exceeding 50 cm.

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