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Repeated 'authentication required' box
I have been using tinker OS 2.0.3. It ran quite well without any problem but these days after "sudo apt-get update" one one problem is really annoying. Even after I put correct password it throws 'authentication required' box repeatedly. Can someone help me out  with this?
It depends what you have updated. Can you find the list of the updated program ?
(08-13-2018, 02:16 PM)Im4Tinker Wrote: It depends what you have updated. Can you find the list of the updated program ?

all the programs are update as this was required to install sqlite3
The linux OSs have a quite good verbosity to track flaws down. So for your case it needs to trace when that has started, in order to pinpoint the issue.
So one should be to find apt-get log:
Quote:There are logs of dpkg in /var/log/dpkg.log*.
There could be some error noted into the journal
$ sudo journalctl -b
it may be a bit lenghty. Suppose you are able to access the system. Otherwise you should login from a TTY (pressing CTRL+ALT+F?, where F? might be F2~7). Then from there use the commands.

Linux is the OS where the users should know how to administer their own systems, basically  Wink
"Aug 14 13:07:04 system65 kernel: L2C: failed to init: -19"
Only this is highlighted

P.S: I have only 1 year experience. Its look you are pro in this.
Let me understand one thing. Are you able to login, or you are left at the point which still ask you the password ?
Suppose you try to log in as root (the administrator), will that happen the same ?
Basically we run ad in screen using tinker board. In some places sometimes it is noticed that password box is appearing to connect to wifi (it was already connected earlier). I dont know how to tackle this. Can you help? @Im4tinker
Well, I should need more details. I think.
In the first place, I thought it may be a connectivity problem, which cause frequent disconnections.
It will be better if you post (in a file hosting) the result of
$ cat /var/log/messages
this is the message i got after login into /var/log/messages
I saw that there are subsequent ethernet interruption. If you are not using the ethernet, then try to disable it. Just for a primary test.
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin
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