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PocketVPN - Ethernet to Wifi AP with OpenVPN
Hey guys,

This is a little project I have been working on.  I actually made it for my Dad for Christmas.  It is a cool series of programs and a web interface which allows user to plug in an internet connect Ethernet cable, and produce a WifI AP behind a NAT.  This is then coupled with OpenVPN.  Once enabled, all connected clients traffic will be pushed through the tunnel, or the user can use it as a simple router.  Just needs a switch or a router with access to the internet.

The idea is, if you are in a hotel room, with spoty wifi, but an Ethernet connection is there, you can make your own AP.  Alternatively, if you are somewhere that you do not trust their internet, but have access to Ethernet connection, you can create a protected WiFi AP.

github page

The web interface allows you to change the web interface password, update Username/Password for openvpn files, upload/remove openvpn files as well as some other goodies, such as monitoring the device temperature, VPN status, etc...

This project will install PHP, Apache and all of the required files as well as hostapd as well as push the files it needs to the correct locations.

(Currently tested on Mikerr's TB 2.0.4 and 2.0.7 although I am sure there are some bugs in there)

[Image: gIFD5Ra.png]

[Image: XLpTIWD.png]

[Image: 2SgqK3r.png]

Still a WIP.  I am not a great web developer, or programmer so dont expect any miracles, but if something doesn't work I am more than happy to help if anyone is interested.

I also know that there may be other products on the market that can do this.  But I decided on the TB because it was quite a bit more powerful so I could travel with it and run Kodi or Emby.

Future additions may include a Wifi USB dongle that allows the device to connect to another WiFI AP, and create it's own AP instead of requiring cabled Ethernet.
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