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Computer will not recognize Tinkerboard after flashing to EMMC. Help!
So yesterday I got my brand new Tinkerboard S in the mail.

The situation..

First thing I did was plug the microUSB into the computer attached to the board and all was good, I got a connection and was able to flash Debian stretch ( onto the board via Etcher to much success.

I then plug in the HDMI/keyboard/mouse and got a failure to boot (no signal on monitor) even after waiting for 30 minutes (with solid red like indicator on). I've heard the tinkerboard has a well known long first boot, but I don't think this was it. I assume the flash didn't work or for some reason the OS didn't like the tinkerboard.. So I then unplug all of the extra cords and attempt to plug my tinkerboard into the computer to attempt to reflash the eMMC with tinkerboard OS (to see if it was infact my OS choice that was the issue).

I plug the tinkerboard into my computer via the microUSB cable and... NOTHING. Apparently my tinkerboard is now not recognized as a UMS (or anything actually). I am still getting the red light indicator and I'm hearing the "device plugged in" chime from explorer every time I plug the tinkerboard, but nothing pops up and there is no option in Etcher to flash a new OS and there's no tinkerboard device in my drive options for windows.

My question..

I'm at a total loss. My eMMC jumper is currently in parked mode.. I DO NOT have a microSD card or writer..
  1. Can I somehow unscrew myself from this situation? What am I missing here?
  2. How do I get it so I can reflash the eMMC with a new OS?
  3. How do I get it so my computer will recognize it again?
  4. Is there a way to so this without buying an SD card/writer?
I appreciate any help I can get, thanks!
Hi Silk,

What is the OS image (.img not .zip) version did you flashed?

Anyways you can take a check with following wiki's step.

(11-28-2018, 01:34 AM)Tinker Board Wrote: Hi Silk,

What is the OS image (.img not .zip) version did you flashed?

Anyways you can take a check with following wiki's step.


Hey, thanks for the reply!

The OS I used was "debian-9.6.0-i386-xfce-CD-1.iso" from here.

Now, I realized that was probable the wrong type of OS to flash to an ARM tinkerboard.. Which is why I wasn't surprised it didn't boot, but the problem is that I now can't seem to correct my mistake and put on a more applicable OS like Armbian.

I viewed that link you posted before I made this post and unfortunately I don't think it applies to me.. Unfortunately I lost the UMS feature somehow on my TB and my computer doesn't see it as a USB device when I plug it in.. And I don't have an SD card/writer to do the other two options. I assumed there was a "reset" option on the eMMC jumper or something, but I couldn't seem to work it out.
Yes...that image is only for x86 PC usage.

Do you have any Linux base PC?
If yes, we may can help you to try with Rockchip's dev tool to flash image.

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