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Kintaro case power/reset

I recently got a Kintaro Super Ursus case and want to use the shutdown and reset buttons but I'm running Android as my OS (I've done it with my raspberry Pi's with no problems) 

Now I have to access the terminal to install the script to make this work so my question is how do I do this. With retropie installed I simply press f4 to access the terminal but with Android do I have to download an emulator to access the terminal? then root the TB? then can I download the script? 

You might use the two pins to switch the TB off.
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Yes the PCB slots into the pins but other sbc's still require you to download the script though the terminal. Just turning the switch on/off doesn't just work automatically.
From my testing the board turns off gracefully. I don't know about any additional script. Perhaps there could be one, but please address me where are the other SBS's script ?
Just curious to know about any additional function prior the complete power down. Also I'd like if that script will be applicable to TB as well.
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So from my tests the tinker board turns on but that's it. It wont power off or reset and the light doesn't turn red.  

If you are running retropie you F4 to access the terminal then 

sudo wget -O | bash

It will start installing the files needed and you use the shutdown command. Then turn on the case and everything works.

But I'm running Android on my TB and its not completely working. So I'm wondering if I need to get Termux or another emulator then root my tinker board then type in the command.
I don't know whether the kintarosnes has a particular handler for the power-off event. In my testing I  tried with linaro 2.0.8, Archlinuxarm and Armbian with success. The system turns off in few seconds.
this takes to short the two pins, then I presume that an interrupt is triggered and the kernel will be informed to process an immediate halt.

For the kintarosnes, there might be a kernel which should take care to run the kintaro front-end. So it is supposed to stop running and enter the power-off phase, when the pins are shorted.

The same manner is for powering on the system. So I presume that is independent from which OS is installed, but rather a hardware triggering, which the OS might ignore.
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I'm using ANDROID, and it's not working. I don't care if it works on linaro or Armbian. That doesn't help me. I guess no one on here has an answer Sad
That function is like the power button on a smartphone. So it should behave very same on Android.
More than that, you're on your own. So as you said it's not working.
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