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Bluetooth HFP_Client Audio Route, No Audio

I'm building a Android (nougat) car PC based on a Tinkerboard S, I've managed to get most things working correctly, Google services,RTC, GPS, A2DP, Microphone and GPIO Buttons (WIP), however I'm not able to get any Audio over SCO/HFP. Contact sharing and call history works fine and if i make a call from my phone or from the Android OS the phone App works fine just no Audio.

when i make a call /proc/asound/card3/pcm1p is opened and remains open for the duration of the call but it remains in a PREPARED State is never switches to RUNNING this might be a red herring but it's the only strange thing i noticed.

rk3288:/ # cat /proc/asound/card3/pcm1p/sub0/status
owner_pid   : 2113
trigger_time: 0.000000000
tstamp      : 343.066255437
delay       : 0
avail       : 1024
avail_max   : 0
hw_ptr      : 0
appl_ptr    : 0

this has stumped me and it's the last thing i need to get working before proof of concept is complete and i can start working on other parts of the build.

any help would be appreciated
Dude what GPS did u use I've been struggling with GPS compatibility I don't know if it's a hardware issue or a software issue any help would be appreciated
Do you have these two patches in source code ?

These two patches fix bluetooth HFP not working. One is for pcm config and another is to enable hfp.

My skype works. Smile

1.  In  folder hardware/realtek/ and git log
commit 4a84dd0ccf040cfb300fc05dadebf1ebbb54b658
Author: Lyle_Lin <>
Date:   Mon Sep 3 16:31:17 2018 +0800

   Bluetooth: update rtl8723bs_config for pcm config

   Fix no sound on bluetooth hfp.

   Change-Id: I19db11cadc4c919180553ad45335ac6b9d1104b6

2. In folder device/rockchip/common and git log
commit f00fb6b0225b409e7074aff7cc6ff2e3925c38ea
Author: Lyle_Lin <>
Date:   Mon Sep 3 16:34:30 2018 +0800

   Bluetooth: enable hfp profile

   Change-Id: I5ffdebdf7829324e075fc8b4fd0ad2bc43cf0c5e
Big Grin  I'm Lyle. 
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  • okiura
Very interest in your project... At this time I'm working to get;

- google voice matche working
- trigger start and shutdown automaticaly
-I'll soon get my sim/gps board to work on

Do you think you could share your project?

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