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USB Connection from TinkerBoard to Windows
You may need to explain more carefully, or a list of all the items.

BTW, for general USB device, like, USB keyboard, mouse, drive, etc. they're Slave mode/client.
And they would need to connect to Host device, like the PC.
So in above case, you need to connect via Tinker's Type-A USB port (x4).

Also if you want to let Tinker as an Device at your PC, like connect an Android mobile via ADB mode.
You can connect ADB via Internet or via USB.
(but via internet would be more easily.)
i want to connect ADB via USB. So the Type-A USB port (4x) can not be used ?
I have to use the pins from the micro USB. Is this wright ?
Or can the Type-A USB ports also be used ? But for this what has to be chaned in the android settings ?

Best Regards

If you want use ADB, it would need go from microUSB, or ethernet. so typeA would not be used.
But as "Tinker Board" said, you need provide system power from other ways. like power though GPIO or else. let microusb port reserved for ADB connect.
short update.
I bought one y cable and additional an micro USB female to usb2.0-a male. The used components are in the attachement.

The red usb connctor of the y cable is connected to the power supply (2A).
The black usb connector of the y cable is connected to the pc. The micro connector is connected to the tinker board.
The device is powering up and i can create a connection via vnc. The usb settings are set on MIDI and usb debugging is off.
I tried it with debugging on. But i also do not get an connection to work.
When i use the command prompt and try "adb devices" no devices are listed. So is the wiring wrong ? 
Do i have to adjust something in android ? Is it the right way ?
I can post a picture of my "construction" if wanted.

I am happy about every hint i get.

Best Regards

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Hi Markus,

If I remember correctly, my Tinker Board was set up for ADB over IP by default. I think that ADB on a device can only be used either via IP or USB. If it is configured for IP, then you will need to reconfigure it for USB before you can use ADB over USB.

If you are able to connect your Tinker Board to a network and get it's IP address, try connecting via IP with the command below (replace with actual IP address).

adb connect

If you are able to connect, then you can restart it in USB mode with the command below.

adb usb

Then you can try connecting with ADB over USB connection. I do not believe this is permanent. To make it permanent, you can start an ADB shell and give it the command below.

setprop persist.service.adb.tcp.port 0

Then after reboot, it should be in USB mode by default. I am doing this all by memory (as I have Linux on my Tinker Board right now), so it may not be correct.

I just reread your first post and saw that you enabled ADB mode in developer settings, so this is probably not the issue, but you can still try to connect over IP maybe.
Hi mrtatertot,
thx for your help.
I tried your hint but without success. Nothing in the windows device list is changing.
I think there is a problem with the wiring. Can someone support me a little ? I need the usb connection for google android running.

So far i think the micro usb has to be connected to the pc. The power (2A) hat to be connected from externally. The data lines have to be connected.
Pin 4 ID could be a problem i think ? It should be connected to ground. I will check this.

Best Regards
Micro usb is used only for power.
Also for power reliability I use 4 and 6 pin GPIO (2,5-3A).
To communicate with a computer (Android Studio) I use Wi-Fi (they must be on the same network).
adb connect IP:5555

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