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Android 7.1.2 Screen Rotation
I have built Android 7.1.2 according to the method described kbungo in thread #1865, without any changes to the kernel. I am running the build on my tinkerboard with a 4" Waveshare screen (480x800). I think the screen resolution is being correctly detected, but it looks like the orientation being rendered is wrong.

It is like a 480x800 frame is being rendered on a 800x480 canvas. I don't yet have sufficient reputation to share images, but I can message them to you if you are interested. Or look up "J54SjSk" and "jkhM28T" on imgur.

I was looking through thread #670, which seems relevant, but I am told that is for Android 6 only. Does anyone know how to do a similar thing on Android 7? I think I just need to swap the horizontal and vertical dimensions detected by Android.
by the sounds of it i'm having a similar issue. personally, am running the waveshare 4inch HDMI LCD with the Android 7 with playstore and root access as found on the forums here, thread-2033

I decided to use teamviewer to remote into mine to get an idea of what i'm seeing VS what it thinks i'm seeing. and this is what i found:

So this is what Android believes it's sending out:
https ://i. gyazo .com/10d888740a88d8812447ce1da93c2b4b.png

And this is what i'm actually seeing on the screen:
https ://i. gyazo .com/72f25cb42d1eb4f68fc36c6d3276e21d.png

as above i cannot post links due to post count... so you'll have to fix the links here to make it work. just remove the spaces.

Hours of searching for possible fixes has yielded nothing. probably because 90% of android information is for premade phones and tablets, which would have this kind of issue corrected at the factory / during development of the product.

Does this look like the same issue you're having?
(01-22-2019, 03:07 AM)Astillius Wrote: Does this look like the same issue you're having?

Yea, that does look exactly like what I am seeing. Using teamviewer is a nice idea for comparing what it thinks it is sending vs what comes out. I can try the same image you are using, but I guess it will come out the same.

Is the touch interface working on your device? Mine isn't but I guess it might be a related issue.
mine wasn't, no. but i have read in some places that the GPIO can be disabled by default in android... i've spoken to a few people that know a bit on android and had no success. and even contacted waveshare themselves, who told me the screens default layout is portrait. which is probably why it's doing it. android is expecting the default shape to be landscape. but they couldn't really offer a fix as they don't support android with the screen.

i ended up going back to debian which functions both screen and touch totally fine.
(the touch requires enabling in the hardware init files)

If you find a fix for the screen and touch, let me know though. i'd like to use android personally as it has a far more customisable interface...

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