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Nougat, adb shell+dmesg and future issues?
--EDIT 30 Jan 2019: the attachment didn't go up yesterday for some reason, now added--

Admittedly, I am not proficient with android/linux, but this is crazy.

I decided that I would dust of the tinker board (not touched in nearly a year) and would use it as a second car pc.  (My goal is that the TB would run android and the following apps: Life360, Waze, Craftsman Garage Door Opener.  The "primary" computer is currently a mini-ITX running Win10 which is primarily used for TunerPro and DriveLine.  The mini-ITX is being replaced with a LattePanda Alpha....yes, I could run bluestacks on the LPA/Windows, but the TB begs to be used.)

Android Hardware: TB, GlobalSat BU-353 GPS antenna, 8" LCD monitor with Egalax resistive touch overlay (USB).

So the issue?  I downloaded the Nougat ( image and wrote the image to an SD card.  I then installed Google Play Store from which I installed Life360, Waze, the Garage door app, and just a couple of ancillary utilities (e.g., terminal).  All was well until I tried to get the GPS drivers installed.

I planned to follow instructions in the libGPS thread.  Unfortunately, I get as far as running dmesg in the adb shell.  Instead of getting pertinent information (i.e., the device identifier similar to ttyACM0), i get hundreds of lines of errors.  (Image attached.)  Thinking that this was due in some unexplicable way to the ethernet connection (not likely), I ran dmesg on the TB.  Same result--nothing but hundreds of "undelivered transaction xxxxxx, process died" errors.

Other commands (e.g., dmesg | grep | -i usb) are not recognized in android, and lsusb list just the device # and hex ID.

Any thoughts?  Is this somehow a Nougat build issue?  Am I embarking on a path doomed to failure (given my limited proficiency)?

thanks in advance

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