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Loosing the sd card slot
Hello friends,

I have to much use the external sd card slot, it brake and now I have only the internal eMMc 16 gb disk. I could have repair it but was not stable so I remove the sd card connector from the Tinker Board S.

I realise that I absolutely need a Uboot version who recognise the eMMc card to boot on it and to flash it from an other computer. Otherwise I am done with the Tinker Board, in the case I flash the card with the wrong Uboot version who not see the integrated sd card. I than will not be able to boot the system installed in and not be able to flash the eMMc too.

I am ok now with the up to date Debian version from Tinker Board where Uboot support the eMMc card but what will happen if I flash the eMMc with a version of Uboot who do not see the eMMC card? No boot, no possible flash. Is there an alternative to boot and flash the eMMc card? I don't see any.
There might be the last chance to use USB for booting, but definitely u-boot must reside on eMMC or SD card integer.
If you have a good skill with soldering iron, try to solder a set of wires then it might be possible to use a SD card to micro SD card adapter as receptacle. It should need just 4 wires.
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I use the Tinker Board S as a home wireless router. I will not change anything and stay with the Tinker Board Debian version in the eMMc card so, I will always be able to boot. I don't think I can solder something to the SD card connector because the connector are now flush to the Tinker Board motherboard.

I can use the Uboot version of Debian and install an other operating system. It will work but with the Debian Linux kernel. Otherwise if I really want to install an other image on the eMMc card I will have to accept that it may not boot and bye bye the Tinker Board S.

Thank's for the intervention Im4Tinker.
The u-boot is rather a small kernel stand alone, with the option to boot the machine. I think it should work fine the Armbian one, as I'm using. By that u-boot I can boot Archlinux 5.0.0 flawlessly or Armbian. But I can't say the same for the linaro, which has a different option to allow overlay and fixed kernel command line.
So I won't tempt you to touch your u-boot, it's a damn bad risk, as long as the card reader is completely spoiled.
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin
Hi Im4Tinke, I want more info about the repair of a micro sd card slot on the tinkerboard. You said we need only to solder 4 wire, but i can't have a complete shematic of the tinkerboard to look at the sd card reader on it by myself. I want to be sure of something, the sd card reader on the thinkerboard have something like a little metal pieces for the lock in it, like a arm, is this arm is a electrical lock, example he need to contact something on the board to make the sd card reader work? Because this arm is broke on my tinkerboard and the board never boot after this little arm broke. Have a nice day and maybe i can bring back my board from the death with your help ^^.

I have two other probleme about pwm.
My tinkerboard is a robot with motor and i use pwm to control the speed with two l293d to get 4 motor.
But at the start the board cranck up the motor, before the os is boot and after that a script autorun by the os stop the motor.
Is it possible to change something on u-boot or a electrical circuit i can do to solve this?

My second probleme is when the pwm are connected to my bread board without power on the bread board, the tinkerboard never start.
if i remove the two pwm pin from the bread board, it's booting after i remove the power from the tinkerboard and reconnect it.
I'ts not doing that all the time but it's related to that somehow, i think i don't have this probleme when i do reboot from the os.
If you have a idea what is the probleme let me know.

I am using ArmBian on Kernel 4.14.

Thanks and have a nice day ^^
This is the schematics.
I hope you may have the chance to substitute the holder. But it quite hard to deal with so minute items.

Problem 2) Everything shouldn't run before the OS is ready. So there's a need to program a pin to give the OK to the rest of the output and linked hardware.
Problem 3) related to problem 2. Make sure that the outside world is enabled/powered after the system is up.
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Maybe it's possible to use this?:

In another thread someone mentioned they saw Rockusb mode when the Maskrom jumper was set and there was no SD card.
For a particular case I presume there might be a chance to flash the rk-3288 with a different ROM and try to load the kernel over I2C pins.
For more common cases the changes on u-boot might suffice. One of then, without modifications, is to boot across the network. The PXEboot is already set to boot.
I don't know about the priorities to boot from USB, but even that is on the booting list of u-boot. Of course that's limiting due the fact the u-boot can reside only on eMMC or SDcard.
Clearly, as OP mentioned, there're only 2 options:
  • dump the TBS Big Grin
  • Try to repair the SD holder, which might be quite expensive Dodgy
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin

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