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Unusually low WiFi Speeds
I am running TinkerOS 2.08, and experience extremely slow up and download rates over wifi.
everything is much better when I connect via LAN.
Speeds measured with
Wifi : 230 kbps
LAN: 77mbps

Wifi with my phone from the exact same location: 34 mbps

The Board is positioned freely on a table and is not in any sort of case.

Is such a huge drop in performance to be expected from an out of the box board, or is there something wrong here?

I got my image from
I did not run sudo apt-get upgrade yet, because I am not sure how to prevent chromium from updating. Every time I did that, chromium stopped working.

I am very new  to the whole linux and SBC thing and just getting started, so it is entirely possible that I am overlooking something very obvious.
If there is any additional information I should post to troubleshoot this problem, please do let me know.

All attempts at helping me are greatly appreciated

Best Regards,
(03-15-2019, 02:31 AM)MulBe039 Wrote: I did not run sudo apt-get upgrade yet, because I am not sure how to prevent chromium from updating. Every time I did that, chromium stopped working.

sudo apt-mark hold chromium
@hartraft that was more of a tangential problem I was having, but thanks a lot anyways.

sudo apt-get upgrade returned ~2500 kb update of package updates, so I'm guessing the sourceforge image is pretty well maintained.

Anyways, on the topic of my original problem:

The wifi speed is still really low. However, I did try connecting to my phones hotspot, and I get about 12 mbps when I place my phone immediately next to the tinkerboard.

I'm guessing the 2.4 gHz Band is simply super cluttered in the are where I live, and that must be it or something.

How I could go about testing that I don't really know, but the fact that I can achieve 10+mbps speeds on the board tells me that it isn't a software or hardware issue, but rather a problem with available connectivity in my home.

I will try upgrading the on-board antenna to something with a little more gain. Possibly even a directional one, if I decide on a permanent location for the board.

I will post an update here once I have the results of that.

Best Regards,
Have you try near to the router ?
Or it has currently changed ?
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin
I had a similiar problem, tried different distors, but the problem persisted. Tho I have to add that wifi at first worked well without any problem and after a while it started being iffy.

The wifi gradually went from bad to worse, until actually almost stopped functioning pretty much completely.

I eventually had my board RMA'd, new board have not had such problems so far.

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