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Armbian Buster and Bionic
Tinkerboard and Tinkerboard S

[Image: attachment.php?aid=431]
What's new in v5.90:
  • added Armbian Buster images for all boards
  • added wireless drivers for 88x2bu
  • updated wireless drivers for Realtek 8811, 8812, 8814 and 8821
  • updated wireless drivers for rtl8188eus & rtl8188eu & rtl8188etv
  • added latest Wireguard driver
  • enable Bluetooth on Tinkerboard, Nanopi4, Rockpi 4 CLI images
  • improved ALSA config on Tinkerboard
  • set default build target from Debian Stretch to Buster for all boards
  • changed motd console welcome text to: “Welcome to Debian Stretch with Armbian Linux 5.1.6-sunxi”
  • changed display manager to lightdm by default and remove nodm completely
  • added URL to the build script and commit hash to /etc/armbian-release file
  • added synaptic package manager and on-board keyboard to the desktop base
  • added “logout” to the panel/menu
  • added normal users to additional groups: disk tty users games
  • updated all kernels with upstream

Build script:
  • added mirrors for speed-up building in China mainland
  • added support for download compilers and rootfs cache via torrent network
  • added new output image compression option (xz)
  • enabled Debian Buster and Ubuntu Disco (unsupported) targets
  • few Docker building improvements, caching image
  • replace curl with aria2
  • Linaro compilers update to 2019.02

  • added Gimp installation
  • added enable/disable Avahi
  • updated OMV installer, OMV5 preparations
  • enable screen resolution changer for Odroid N2
  • enable CPU speed and governor adjustment

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Armbian. Lightweight Debian Stretch or Ubuntu Bionic for Tinker Board.

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