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Comparisson between LibreELEC and TinkerOS+Kodi
Hello to all,
I am a glad user of Tinkerboard S, and am very happy so far.
Now to the topic:

given the performance ratings of this board, i concluded that it will work excellent as "media center". And so, as i hate bloatware / unnecessary stuff, i've tried and been using LibreELEC:

But while the performance is good, the system crashes from time to time, on unexpected moments. Maybe due to a bad power source. I am working on it at the moment and will surely give you guys feedback about it.

However, the other natural alternative to this setup is:
TinkerOS + Kodi installed on it.

From a purely theoretical point of view (i.e. without testing much), i imagine this are the pros and cons, but i will hugely appreciate your feedback on which is optimal from your point of view:

- Kodi and nothing else running on background
- just werks from initial setup, no further installation needed
- OS fully optimized for kodi usage

- unstable, random crashes (maybe my fault because of faulty power source?)
- hard to install anything besides Kodi
- it doesn't have optimized audio-video drivers or hardware interpreters suited for Tinkerboard (not sure about this?)

TO + Kodi:
- Kodi works but also can install additional stuff if needed
- have very specialized media player developed by tinkerboard team for tinkerboard usage
- very stable
- the OS is not optimized, it is general purpose
- it would work slower than LE, specially if many processes running in background
- need to install and configure Kodi

I appreciate feedback and will make more tests myself.
hello again everyone.
So i've been improving the power source, it works much better.
Now back to the topic:

For TB S, is LibreELEC better than TinkerOS + Kodi , in terms of general playback capabilities and quality of video?

LibreELEC likely has better drivers for the GPU & VPU than TinkerOS supplies for Kodi.

Once the Mali work by Collabora moves upstream, I expect the situation to improve.
For those who care about power-saving and heat issues, one con I found trying a recent LibreElec (9.2) is that I find I cannot suspend/standby the system, neither via the power menu, nor via the Kore android app --- whereas I have had no problem with TinkerOS + Kodi sleep and wake on LAN. If anyone has experience otherwise, I would like to hear about it.

A big con for TinkerOS is that the default available Kodi is old. Have yet to try to compile the latest version for it. The main interesting features for me is Kodi 18's integration of emulators and the Netflix plugin, which run very well in LE 9.2.
Can't keep any LibreELEC version running, the board just randomly dies.
Don't know what power they expect ...

No such problems with dietpi, armbian or tinkerOS so far, not once...
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