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Enable sleep mode
Hi all,
I'm wondering if the Tinkerboard should be used in my project where i need:
  • a very low energy consumption (feed with batteries)
  • enter in sleep mode after an inactivity timeout
  • wake-up with a signal on a GPIO (or equivalent) pin
Is it possible to achieve that with a Tinkerboard?
Any links?

Thanks, regards
Hi hardly believe it is achievable such attempt. I guess none SBC is made for such porpose.
You may look on the RK3288 datasheet to understand what it is possible, but it may not be applicable for the surrounding environment, which is poorly (or not) documented.
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin
It seems that the processor supports the suspend and wakeup.

I found this article but it's not clear how to wake up the board.
It seems a configuration file but I don't understand where to put it.

I'm not an expert but my guess it is a configuration section for the kernel.
If true: how can I know if it is yet included in Linaro OS ?
Ehm, you might fall in trouble. Smile
The second part has to be added to the dtb file. So depending of which installation you're using it will take some fiddling to miniarm.dtb or rk-3288-tinker(-s).dtb and got to add those lines, as the links specifies.
But to do such operation you will need a tool which is called dtc. So first you need to convert your dtb in to dts, then add your new definitions, then last you should convert it back and try.

Anyway, I think the Armbian fellows are well capable to help you, am I right Igor ?
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin
I've found it!

For the suspend I typed:
echo mem > /sys/power/state

For the wake up I soldered a little switch on the Power contact on the board.
Pressing it the system wakes up.

Now I'm wondering if and how is possible to change the pin to use a pin on the header.
I think there are many pins usable to wake up the RK3288. But it will take some skill to program in C(++) or wiringPI.
But I think you got your own solution, so that's fine.
Light blue words might be a link. Have you try to click on them? Big Grin

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