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[Release] TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat v14.4.0.5
TinkerOS_Android v14.4.0.5

Release Notes
1. Fix the issue that touch may not work when using SD to boot.
2. Fix the issue that Japanese IME would crash.
3. Fix the issue that Tinker R/BR cannot boot with some AC.
4. Fix the issue that the navigation bar might disappear.

4aed48e9c29019e314aa565c6294e759 (ZIP)

Download link:
Hi to all! Good to see that there is new update in tinker board Android version... But also this version like the others with the Android 7 version is not compliant with video 4k... If you try to play a 4k video all the system blocks.
Best regards.
Good afternoon folks, I already faced difficulties in the version above 6.0, more specific in version 7.0 and 8.1 here in the forum.
In contact with a member of the forum that performs the launch of android 8.1, detected the possible problem.
For everyone to understand, I have a system on Android that plays several videos in a row, but when you go to the next video there is a black screen of about 2 seconds between the videos. It's very frustrating because you imagine getting black between one video and another. This behavior only happens in versions above 6.0, in 6.0 it works perfectly and there is no black transition between the videos.
The factor that may be causing this is: rockchip gl binary use the latest strategy for renderring and it use renderBlackFrame each time when switching streams. you need to modify that binary by replacing renderblackframe with noops commands.

Would anyone know and how to proceed to correct this in versions later than 6?

Hi, where could I find sources of this version? Thanks.
Thank you Tinker Board,

running over 24hrs..  TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat v14.4.0.5 with Google Play Store from GAPPs...
average temp 80°C... about 6°C higher than  V14.3.2.82.. but..
TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat v14.4.0.5... feels snappier / more responsive & stable.. love it ;-]...
its been HOT here in the UK over the past few days ]]]..... but will look into modifying a
ZkeeShop Aluminum Case Alloy Armor with Cooling Heatsink Compatible for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B,
for the tinker Board....

- update:   with Copper Pad Stack heat sink.. average 24hrs temp now 54°C... ;-].. uk has cooled down...

still have two issues with this userdebug build.. 

first.. need to fix [Security].. 
setting up a pattern/pin/password.. will cause [Security Menu].. not to open.. it just crashes out :-[...
and you will no longer be able to open [Security Menu]..
click here.. to see how to reset [Screen lock].. to swipe.. and disable PIN / Password.. ;-]..
for now.. do not setup pattern/pin/password...

second.. strange Power down problem..

two conditions when this happens..

   1]  [Sleep] is enabled & [When to start screen saver] is set to [While docked]..
         when sleep time comes.. screen saver does not run & tinker board powers down..
         keyboard / mouse activity.. does not wake it back up.. 
         have to reattach power cable..

   2]  send [power button press] signal to tinker board.. 
        via app.. Turn Off Screen (Lock Screen)
        or [input keyevent 6] / [input keyevent 26] via adb...
        [adb shell input keyevent 6] or [adb shell input keyevent 26]
        Android should lock screen when receiving this signal.. but
        tinker Board powers down.. & again..
        keyboard / mouse activity.. does not wake it back up.. 
        have to reattach power cable..

to fix condition 1]... disable [Sleep] in [Display Menu] by setting time to [never], 
or enabled [Developer options].. then you can set [Stay awake] option.. or.. use..
adb connect 192.168.1.x
adb shell svc power stayon true
How to prevent an android device from entering sleep (via adb command shell)

Note.. If you need [Sleep] enabled then.. After setting time.. make sure
[When to start screen saver] is set to [Either]..

also.. I Disabled HDMI control..
adb shell settings put global hdmi_control_enabled 0
adb shell settings put global hdmi_control_auto_device_off_enabled 0
adb reboot
but.. you might not need to do this..

to fix condition 2]... you have to make sure.. there is mouse activity / movement.. 
while you are sending [power button press] signal to tinker board.

I have HANNspree HT225HPB 21.5-Inch HDMI Screen with USB Touch connected to tinker board..
and if I use touch screen with Turn Off Screen (Lock Screen) app.. ie.. use finger to touch icon 
to [Lock Screen] without making sure there is also mouse activity / movement.. 
then tinker board would power down [[[....

If I make sure there is mouse activity / movement.. while  I use touch screen with 
Turn Off Screen (Lock Screen) app.. then tinker board would lock screen.. ;-]..

this also happens with the mouse.. if I simply click on the icon to [lock screen].. 
without also making  sure there is mouse activity / movement..   
then the tinker board would power down.. Doh!..

now... why I say this is a strange Power down problem.. well.. because.. 
non of this happens if I use.. Raspberry Pi 7" display connected to video output MIPI-DSI..
update.. it doesn't make any difference.. same thing happens.. even with MIPI-DSI display.

soooo... when Asus makes an Android userdebug build. 
do they set video output MIPI-DSI.. as primary and video output HDMI as secondary..
and this somehow has an impact on the touch interface and mouse as to which one has higher 
priority ???? or maybe something to do with interrupt levels.. ??? its all very strange to me ]]...

the only other minor problem with previous TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat V14.3.2.82.. was with 
Multicast streaming using RTP/UDP & Kodi..

I have windows 10 system with a usb Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD & VLC spitting out..
cmd /c vlc.exe -vvv dvb-t:// :dvb-adapter=0 :dvb-frequency=490000000 :dvb-bandwidth=8 :program=4352 :sout=#rtp{dst=,port=5004,mux=ts,sap,name=BBC_News24,ttl=1} :meta-title="BBC News24" :sout-keep
BBC News24 on rtp://@

now.. with TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat v14.4.0.5 & Kodi v18.8.. I can receive stream from rtp://@
if I disable MediaCodec hardware acceleration /  turn off Deinterlace & set Video scaling to Bilinear...

I'm a very happy bunny ;-].... 
thanks for the update
[Image: YEuIRzm.jpg:]

next> Getting Google Play Store installed on Clean TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat v14.4.0.5
Hi, I would like to build my own android but repo contains source codes version Where could I find source codes of latest version please?
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