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LibreElec on Tinkerboard
(10-11-2017, 07:26 AM)nipmads Wrote: Hi there.
New to the forum and Tinker board for that matter as well.

I'm somewhat familiar with the RPi's, specifically as media center use. I moved to Tinker board to extend to 4K support and have boosted performance.

These alpha builds - how stable are they in term of using it as a "daily" driver (I don't mind hickups :-))


The builds are pretty reasonable, but 'live' TV playback is very hit and miss, depending on codecs used. mpeg 2 playback appears to be software supported rather than hardware and if you use TV headend its gets quite glitchy after a few minutes running.

Playback of MP4/HD files works well, and most of the 4K stuff I tried worked ok
How i can fix "buffering" ? every time I watch a movie "buffering".
(10-05-2017, 10:50 AM)Lucian03 Wrote: New version.


Latest rockchip+lsk+longterm linux 4.4.89
Improved WiFi and BT dongle support
Use Limited Range RGB output
ROCK64: Fix playback of HEVC HDR videos
ROCK64: I2S audio (A/V jack and ES9023 board)
ROCK64: CEC support
TinkerBoard: Fix WiFi

Thx Kwiboo.

Thanks. By far the best video experience on TinkerBoard!
HDMI CEC realy work on this build ?
(10-16-2017, 02:56 PM)progd Wrote: HDMI CEC realy work on this build ?

CEC only works in the ROCK64 build. The CEC pin is unfortunately not connected to the RK3288 SoC on Tinker Board, see for details.
Thak Your.
I solder this components then try.
This is truly a dumb move by Asus, why not just implement HDMI CEC properly? Boo!!!
Hey yall,

So, with CEC missing, I was trying to sort out an IR receiver on GPIO. I know that the *old* way on Raspberry Pi was to use a module called lirc-rpi which was only for the BCM chip in the Pis. But now there's a new upstream module in the Linux kernel called gpio-ir that maps IR signals to keyboard keys and LibreELEC is using that instead. I just tested it on my Pi3 and it works well.

Will this work with LibreELEC on the Tinker Board?
Hi, is there any chance to get HDMI NL-PCM (AC3/E-AC3/DTS) and new release?
If help in testing is needed I may assist.
glitchy hardware decoding of h.264 main10 profile video (the green squares on the screen)
how to disable HW on this type of files ?

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