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Lets talk compliance (Google)
When I was hunting around for an alternative SBC to my ODroid, one thing on my mind was certification/compliance with Android and in particular, Google play.

I had previously done some digging on this, and found that if you are compiling your own Android from, Google have some guidance and utilities for checking compliance, and as much as I hunted, it did not seem to be a massive issue or cost to getting a rom image and attached device to pass Google testing.

Is this the real situation, or am I completely naive?

What got me thinking about this in particular, the official ROM's of ODroid are not compliant, you have to go through the custom rom registration process once you have side loaded google play... Which is all fine, but a worry that one day they might lock us out.

However, looking into the ASUS product, it struck me that ASUS is a well-established player in the world of tech, and if anyone could get their rom images and devices past google certification/compliance testing, it would be someone like them... I also noticed some interesting text in places that sell the tinkerboard, which kind of implied that the ASUS rom images are supported by official Android releases... But I suspect this is just careful use of wording Smile

I don't have my tinkerboards yet, they should be here in the next couple of days, so you might all jump on me and say "You fool! Yes they are certified!" or "You fool, no images apart from large mobile phone companies are certified as the cost is $1,000,000 for approval once you get the device/rom through compliance testing!"

Anyway, educate me Smile
Interestingly it almost seems like the tinkerboard and general from images I have been playing with, seem to play nicely with Google Play as it is...

I am still learning about certification, actually not sure if the ID is a software (ROM image) ID or a device hardware ID, but so far all the ROM images I have sideloaded google play onto, seems to not need any "custom rom agreement clicking" in google play to get them working... Interesting, I guess it might be a hardware ID and ASUS has already certified it... But I was thinking it was a software ID to prove the software was safe to any unsuspecting users.
Any news about your experiments? I'm interested in

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