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KODI for DebianOS
(05-24-2017, 05:12 AM)mac-l1 Wrote: hi knuxul,

the script does NOT do a dist-upgrade or any upgrade. it only purges some packages and actually fixes some missing/broken packages. it installs my adapted hw accelerated kodi on my debian stretch fine.

your plain command "apt-get install kodi" just installs the kodi from the normal debian apt repository. that one has sw decoding and rendering, which is pretty limited regarding all hardware in the box.

in my kodi i have added hw decoding and hw rendering in code, compiled and built it into debian packages. so the scripts just removes any kodi, downloads my adapted one, and the installs it. it plays movies with hardware accelerated video decoding nad rendering.

would be nice if somebody could share a log of a complete installation of my script. and check if kodi runs.

cheers -- mac-l1

I never read your posts or anything, I just wanted to share that if you did dist-upgrade it would break kodi compatibility. have u tried your build on the tinker board? does it have the problem i posted about (widescreen videos show what's behind kodi (ie desktop, task bar)?
(05-29-2017, 07:56 PM)wappi Wrote: Merlin:  It is not working for me. I tried a TVheadend link with DVB-t2 (HEVC), but stream does not start. also a record does not start. Player info shows macrk-h265 (HW).

hi wappi,
zeno posted an instruction to install kodi-pvr-iptvsimple based on my kodi release (exactly same as for tinkerboard):
maybe this helps you too?
cheers -- mac-l1
hi marc-l1,
Usually IPTV streams are h.264 encoded. With those streams, your release is working fine. Guess my issue is very specific as I am using DVB-T2 streams with h.265 (currently only? in Germany available). Guess I better attach a test file... try to do so in next days.
hi marc-l1,

with latest TinkerOS 1.9 I tried again and it is working now. Any idea how I can get TVheadend client installed?
Normally IPTV stream urls are h.264 encoded. With those streams, your discharge is working fine. Figure my issue is particular as I am utilizing DVB-T2 streams with h.265 (at present as it were? in Germany accessible). Figure I better connect a test record... attempt to do as such in one days from now. Download free iptv links m3u from this website
DVB-T2 streams with h.265 are working with Libreelec. With Android I had artifacts for ARD, 3SAT, Arte channel....

Only: I cannot start my DVB-T2 streams (HEVC) from TVH client directly. I had the same problem with my SBC Pine64 so I guess this is a TVH issue...
As workaround I just stored my TVH channel links as .strm file (guess you can also create m3u list) and open it under 'Videos' and this works fine.
(05-20-2017, 04:21 PM)mac-l1 Wrote: hi guys,

though i dont have a tinkerboard i have kodi running on firefly and miqi rk3288 devices (similar hw, same kernel 4.4 and debian). it uses vpu and gpu (gles) for video and graphics hardware acceleration. it needs a recent rockchip 4.4 kernel. disclaimer: it's my first concept version (v0.1)

so you could try: 
wget -O-|bash

can someone check if it runs and let me know?

cheers -- mac-l1

Thanks mac-l1

I now have hardware acceleration and a later version of Kodi (17.3) which fixes a major security flaw in TinkerOS 2.0.1 thanks to you. I wonder why both TinkerOS version 2.0.1 and the latest 2.0.3 both still only support Kodi 17.1 with no hardware acceleration when you've been able to do this on your own?
Nice. Kodi 17.3 works perfectly on TinkerOS 2.03. CPU usage is below 25% when streaming 1080p video from network.

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