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Tinkerboard 2 setup tool?
The website makes claim to a setup tool that allows you to "tinker" with the clock speeds and monitor results, but it isn't installed on the latest TinkerOS

Does anyone know where it is, or is an Android only app?
the new board is a bit of a ghost town with my questions being held for admin approval for ever.

so my 1st thoughts on the TB2 are generally positive, after buring an SD it fired up(as bit slow) and ran great. nippy and effective desktop, but no sign of any graphic acceleration. So I installed Mesa libs and tried it out, its usable, has OpenGLES3.2 which is nice but its not as blistering as claimed.

After running GLMark2 on it. it does not come close to the stated values if 797 more like 233... its not really as fast was I was expecting.

In real life use on a game prject it does show itself to be about 2x the speed of the TB1 but quite a bit behind the Rpi4 for rendering performance.
However one thing it totally does brilliant is 4 channel Anti Alias, on the pi4 i can lose 20fps attempting AA, on the TB2 its almost a freebie. but it maxes out at 30fps to the Pi4's 60 at 1080p (no AA on Pi4 though)

It does however run out of the box, and is easy to set up.. I just wish I had the chance to run that setup tool to see what I can tweak without delving into code.

Its got a bit more promose than the TB1 for graphic usage, the extra memory makes a big difference too.
Hi, that setup tool,

You can find a "tinker-power-manager" in "tinker-config" this command-line tool.
And about GLMark2, you need to check the CPU performance (or let it run at higher frequency), or test it with "--off-screen" this config to show real GPU (alone) benchmark, since if drawing on the desktop it also needs CPU to process in legacy x window.

You can test them again, and to see if there is an improvement in the results?


here is some of review:
from his test, GeeXLab show, TB2 GPU performance neer up to 2x (41 vs 23 fps) than the other board.
ok I found the config, its not exactly a user friendly tool though and only seems to allow me to change the CPU performance, not the GPU? Does it need a specific resolution setting and teminal to work?
even setting the CPU base values to their max, I saw no improvment in glmark2-es2

I did run it --off-screen I got 233 and default 58 (locked to the vsync)

after rebooting and then running with the enhanced base speeds GLMark2 now reports 313 off screen, an improvment, but still short of the origianl Tinkerboard 1 which does around 400, does that mean that the mesa drivers are still being emulated in the CPU?
Hi Brian,

We found a situation, it seems glmark2-es2 is not heavy enough to let GPU auto turning and going to the higher frequency.
Then as the result, the total final score does not look pretty.

So for the benchmark, please try to set performance mode to GPU too.
echo performance | sudo tee /sys/devices/platform/ff9a0000.gpu/devfreq/ff9a0000.gpu/governor

or try with this (CPU/GPU/DDR all at performance mode):
echo performance | sudo tee $(find /sys/ -name *governor)

and if needs, can force to use A72 this big core to test it:
taskset -c 4-5 glmark2-es2 --off-screen

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