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Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu on the Tinker Board
Maybe you should run update first.
sudo apt-get update
OK. I was a bit worried about running apt-get update and apt-get upgrade as I read somewhere else that it lost some important Tinker-specific bits. However, since I only started on my image today, I thought that I haven't invested as much in my image that I need to be concerned about having to start again, so did the update and upgrade.

I then ran the commands from post 1 of this thread again. This time: no errors.

Now Netflix is running fine. I've checked, and BBC IPlayer, and IMVBox are still running fine. And while I was on a roll, I decided to check some more.

All 4 requires Adobe Flash Player Sad

ITV watch live requires Flash, but I can play ITV episodes fine.  I was going to take some screenshots, but found that there was no GIMP installed yet.

I was concerned that apt-get upgrade would stop sound playing, but it's running fine.

Thanks very much for your help.

EDIT: I found this in a thread about getting Flash working on Tinker:

Quote:Do not do apt-get dist-upgrade. Use only apt-get upgrade to update your TinkerOS.
(dist upgrade will install new version xorg-core, which somehow breaks GPU driver. This causes tinkerboard's graphics acceleration is unavailable. As a result you will not be able to use apps which uses this acceleration, for me that is Flash and Kodi)

I think I read something like that, and mis-remembered it as a warning to never apt-get upgrade.

EDIT: All 4 gets further now, and doesn't complain about Flash. However, it still won't play video because of a 'digital rights error.'

30 Second Bunnies Theatre plays fine. And Flash animation itself is playing fine.
Kissasia is working great. Apart from the fact that it's a really annoying site and you have to be careful to click in EXACTLY the right place to start something running or it brings up a spam site in another tab.

A bit off topic: But, I'm currently watching the Korean film 'Castaway on the Moon' on my Tinkerboard, and I really do recommend this movie.

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