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Lubuntu 16.04 LTS
BTW I now have 2x tinkerboards... I might just give an OS with Kodi a try.

Try Android, works with netflix and kodi
(09-09-2017, 07:19 PM)Z80 Wrote: Moving a browser window might be slightly slow in Lubuntu, but everthing else is very quick.

for the lego man 1440 900 monitor problem  try

leafpad ~/.config/autostart/lxrandr-autostart.desktop

and change the resultion to 1440 900   or by   800 600 or any resultion lower than 1440 900 (just to see if it works)

[Desktop Entry]
Name=LXRandR autostart
Comment=Start xrandr with settings done in LXRandR
Exec=sh -c 'xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1440x900'

works ok for me, on my 1920 1090 monitor ,  i.e. reboots into any lower  resultion i set

Lubuntu  has 1440 900 as a set monitor resultion  (i.e. from xrandr  it is listed as a mode)
so not sure why it is not detectes on start up
Thanks for the suggestion!

I have a bit of confusion here, as the code snippet makes no sense to my n00b brainz...
Is the code above to be pasted into a new file, or added to a specific file?

As a side note, I am having difficulty editing files as it tells me I don't have permission to.
I'm using whatever the autologin has for me in the lubuntu image file from ELAR Systems, and have no idea where to go from there.

I managed to figure this out Rolleyes  More progress in detail on the other thread mentioned below...

Sorry for my n00b-ness on this. Just trying to get somewhere from this little corner surrounded by wet paint Wink

Fell free to pop by the other thread I started about this resolution issue:

Progress at the bottom.

Thanks again! I hope we can collectively get this working! It will be good for everyone, certainly.
The Lord of All Things Dark and Evil
(currently re-assigned as The Tooth Fairy due to a paperwork mishap...)

So far, I have managed to figure out how to check and modify the ~/.config/autostart/lxrandr-autostart.desktop file as Z80 has suggested over there.

Unfortunately, I get problems when I reboot, and then it's "Unsupported Mode".
After that, I tried reconnecting to the LG again and rebooting. Once up and running, I switched back to the Acer.
From a terminal, I used the CVT 1440 900 command, and got the following two lines:

# 1440x900 59.89 Hz (CVT 1.30MA) hsync: 55.93 kHz
Modeline "1440x900_60.00" 106.50 1440 1528 1672 1904  900 903 909 934 -hsync +vsync

My monitor settings dialog box reports the screen running at 1440x900 and 59.90
I choose to save this, and try a reboot again.
Again, Unsupported Mode. I switch back to the LG and I get "DVI-D Out of Range 43.5 kHz / 47 Hz"

Rebooting does not give me anything to work with and the Acer is still Unsupported Mode...

Time to reformat the SD card and try again.
Head for the terminal, and go for this:

leafpad ~/.config/autostart/lxrandr-autostart.desktop

I get a file that looks like this:

   [Desktop Entry]
   Name=LXRandR autostart
   Comment=Start xrandr with settings done in LXRandR
   Exec=sh -c 'xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1440x900'

All seems OK at this point.
I save off and reboot...

Long pause, then "Input Not Supported" dances on the screen of my Acer...
Unplug that one, and plug it into my LG: "DVI-D Out of Range 43.5kHZ / 47Hz"

At this point, I turn off the Tinker Board (just switch off the power bar), wait ten seconds, then power back up.
After a bit of scrolling text, the desktop resizes itself into the 1440x900 resolution. A quick check of Display Settings shows me that resolution, but a Refresh of 59.90.

And, back a few steps again...
I can unplug the LG, plug in the Acer, and I have picture.
If I do anything that changes the refresh or resolution: "Unsupported Mode".
Switching back the the LG and I have the Out of Range message again, and it's time for the hard reboot...

I must be doing something wrong in this, somewhere.
Surely Lubuntu is not this unstable.
Of note is that I never have this problem in any measure from my Raspberry Pi 3 running Lubuntu as made from their stock image.

And there is my progress for the evening of the 12th/morning of the 13th.
(aka: drowning in my own frustration [Image: cry.png] )

Further Clarification: Even after the files added, I cannot boot up with the Acer monitor. To use it, I must boot up on the LG, then unplug it and plug in the Acer...
Needless to say, that is not an acceptable way to do things in the long run.
The Lord of All Things Dark and Evil
(currently re-assigned as The Tooth Fairy due to a paperwork mishap...)
(07-16-2017, 07:19 PM)skaliman Wrote: Hello,
I m realu new on this...
What is the root Pasword?

I know this was from ages ago, but if anyone stumbles upon this thread looking for the root password:

Username: root
Password: elar-systems

User: tinker
Password: tinker

I didn't have access to a monitor, so I scoured the interwebz to find the default credentials so I could ssh into my box. This was posted from Elar System's FB page in July.
Is 4K possible just for displaying webpages?
Is netflix working on this?
(09-15-2017, 12:07 PM)TLoATDaE Wrote: UPDATED PROGRESS

Edited out the excess quote text...Save

It seems that there is no additional help to be found at this moment.
Looks like Lubuntu is going to be off the table for me until I can find a Guru that can compile a decent installer for Lubuntu 16.04 LTS that will play nice with the Tinker Board.

Very sad, indeed.
The Lord of All Things Dark and Evil
(currently re-assigned as The Tooth Fairy due to a paperwork mishap...)
Hello, I've just installed V3 of the ELAR Lubuntu.
I use a Waveshare 7" 1024*600 hdmi display. The screen resolution works. But there is a light flicker of the screen and thin white lines popping up.
The refresh rate is set to 43.07. I think this needs to be 60.
Is there any way of changing this?
Yesterday I've checked on Tinker OS and my display now works perfectly on that. But Kdenlive doesn't work as it should in Tinker OS, and I need that.
In Lubuntu this never was a problem.
If I can use my display in Lubuntu, then I'll finally be able to use my Tinkerboard for what I bought it. (I just bought the Khadas Vim2, it wil take some time before I'll be able to use that one...)

I also made a video comparing the Tinker Board with the Odroid C2 that's overclocked to 1.75Ghz. I was amazed by the results.
(firefox also doesn't work after clean installation and update, upgrade and dist-upgrade)
Greetings, N.A.D.
Can anybody please help with my Waveshare display? So it's 1024*600 at 60 hertz. The resolution works, only the refresh rate isn't correct. It hurts my eyes to have to watch it for a while.

I also recorded a new video comparing the Tinker Board with the Odroid C2 and the new Khadas Vim2. In Kdenlive the Tinker Board came out the best. In Blender it was the opposite. Anyone who knows how this comes?

Greetings, N.A.D.
(06-06-2017, 07:05 PM)dazbobaby Wrote: I installed it yesterday and it's definitely better than anything ASUS has managed so far.

I have installed Lubuntu 16.04 LTS on my Tinkerboard. It is booting(ssh is working) but not displaying anything on the monitor. The board works fine with other OS. Can somebody help me to fix this monitor issue?

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