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RetroPie on the Tinker Board
(06-06-2018, 09:31 PM)nex86 Wrote: I've been having issues setting up my Xbox 360 or Logitech F710 Controller (both same the same issue)
When I get to the Shoulder Buttons and press one it jumps to the next one assigning nothing or something else.
I don't have this issue on the Raspberry Pi. Only on Tinkerboard.

Is there a fix for this anytime soon?

Hi guy 
I have the same problem
The issue is to finish the configuration and after assign the shoulder button at the end and make a restart of émulation 
It s good for me
Good news I have a beta image with extra controller support. I will be finishing it up and making two fresh images. A new basic image and a new ROTT 1.0.4s. I should be done with in a week or two.
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Tinker Board (s) RetroPie SD Card/emmc install DIY

I have to take some time off to deal with some stuff. Don’t worry I’ll be back.

Thanks to the ROTT team: Crash; Steven D.; Jyo Ho; Myari; Chuck P.; Cory T.; Paint Toad; and Ntemis.

Let’s get to it.
Here is the base image with controller support download. Unzip if needed.

EMMc: Plug your Tinkerboard S into your pc and write to it with win32diskimager or etcher. Once done unplug and move to your tv. Sometimes at first boot the screen will be black.

SD Card: put your SD Card into your PC and write to it with win32diskimager or etcher. Once finished put it in your Tinker Board, and set it up on your tv. Sometimes at first boot the screen will be black.

That’s ok, just SSH in as root and copy and paste the lines below.

Open up putty

Host: tinkerboard
User: root
Password: 1234

Follow on screen prompts. Log in as root and Setup new user. I suggest pi so you can use some stuff from you pi3b/b+ setups. Though you can name it what you want if you do not use pi make a symbolic link to pi from your user name. Change <user> to what you chose.

cd .. && sudo ln -s /home/<user> /home/pi

After user setup switch to new user and get the

su pi


su <user>

Get the Modified


Don’t forget to to make it so any user can use it (777) and make it executable (a+x)

sudo chmod 777
sudo chmod a+x

Now Run it




Then follow the on screen prompts

For extended controller programs, drivers, etc

sudo apt-get install joystick joy2key jstest-gtk qjoypad xinput


Ssh in again this time use your <user> and password you entered.

sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/

EMMc: go to manage packages -> Core packages ->
Install all from source

After that install ppsspp from optional packages then go back to main packages and install them all.
The reason we do it this way is because ppsspp takes around 10gb to compile. Once it’s done it’s less than a gb. Also note not all emulators will install. If they don’t remember to clear the source folder to remove the wasted space from that temp build folder.

SD Card bigger than 16gb: basic install is fine.

Install extra emulators
Note: some emulators will not install. ppsspp needs like 10gb to compile from source

Install drivers for controllers if needed. Manage packages-> drivers-> <what you need>
Xpad is always good to have. There is also a Xbox driver and a PS3 driver. The PS3 driver works. I use them on my Tinker Board.

Don’t forget to go into configuration/tools -> boot options -> And set emulationstation to start at boot.


You will be greeted by the controller setup after reboot. Enjoy.

Additional notes:

Use armbian-config To set up WiFi

sudo armbian-config

I suggest you set the run-command to performance. RetroPie setup -> mandage packages -> core -> runcommand -> cpu -> set for performance.

Splash screens are not part of the the supported set up. But you can install them with a few little tricks I found.

Snowy screen. SSH and update while connected to the screen you are using make sure Tv is on.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade


Tank your build and want to re-flash the eMMc?

Refer to your manual and get the Tinker 2.0.7 os from Asus.
Write the image to an sd card, switch the jumper to eMMc recovery. Boot device by plugging it into the pc. This should reset your eMMc and you can write to it again.
I then used a partition tool to repartition and formatted to fat32. Then I unplugged it and removed the sd card. Plugged it back in to my pc and rewrote the eMMc with win32diskimager. Refer to other online sources from Asus on this subject I only did it once.

If I get more time I will make a few more posts about splash screens scripts and more.
Swing by the: RotT FaceBook Group and join for even more help, trick, and tips.

Swing by My YouTube Channel if you get a chance.


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