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Audio via HDMI vs 3,5 output
I am a newbie on the TB and the main reason that I bought it is the "192K/24bit HD Audio" ability. 
I have the TB running Android and it is working fine (as far as I know) and I hocked the TB to my home theatre receiver via HDMI, so currently video as well as audio runs through HDMI.

Is there anyone out there who knows if there is any difference in the audio quality when using HDMI for audio output vs the 3,5 output?
HDMI carries a digital audio signal, so quality of analogue audio depends on your av amp.
3.5 mm jack uses onboard DAC which is 192K/24bit
OK, thanks! I guess that I will have to try the 3,5 jack and listen if there is any major difference in the perceived audio quality.

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