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NEO-6M - The GPS module

DS18B20 - The 1-Wire digital temperature sensor

Waveshare-Expansions - some waveshare devices including: "RPi LED Matrix", "RGB LED HAT", "RGB LED HAT(B)", "RPi Touch Keypad" and "2.13 inch e-Paper HAT"

SensorKit-X40 - a combination development kit contains a total of 40 different sensors

GrovePi - an Internet of Things Raspberry Pi robot kit

Adafruit PiTFT Plus 480x320 3.5" TFT - The Adafruit PiTFT Plus 480×320 3.5″ TFT+Touchscreen

3.5" LANDZO SPI TouchScreen - some SPI panels please check the link for the detail model

3.5/4 inch HDMI LCD - the waveshare 3.5/4 inch HDMI LCD touchscreen

Audio-HAT-card - some HiFiBerry, IQAudio devices

CSI-camera - Raspberry Pi Camera Module V1.3/V2

DS3231 - an i2c real-time-clok module

PiCAN2-CAN-Bus - Raspberry Pi CAN Bus module

Google-Assistant-SDK Google Assistant SDK


QVL - Qualified Vender List