How to setup wireless connection

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How to connect to Wi-Fi hotspot

1. Boot up your Tinker Board to desktop.

2. Left-click the network icon in bottom right corner of your desktop.

Wireless icon.png

3. Select Wi-Fi hotspot name which you want to connect.

Wireless icon 2.png

4. Enter your password or other connection settings to login.

Wireless connection password.png

How to get Tinker Board's IP address

1. Open terminal in bottom left corner of your desktop.

Select terminal.png

2. Enter "sudo ifconfig" to display Tinker Board's IP address.

Sudo ifconfig.png

How to access Tinker Board remotely


1. Download putty.exe from

2. Open putty.exe and enter Tinker Board's IP address.

Putty example.png

3. The default login for Tinker Debian.

  User: linaro
  Password: linaro

Putty login.png


1. Enter "ssh linaro@192.168.x.x" to connect to Tinker Board. (192.168.x.x is IP address).

  ssh linaro@192.168.x.x

2. Login to Tinker Board.

Ssh connection.png