MIPI-CSI camera

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Camera Operation SOP

Use Built-in Camera test tool for operation.


Some operations need root permission to execute.

Run “sudo su” in terminal command line before operation.

Camera Preview:


  camHalTest.bin 0


  camHalTest.bin 1

0 for show preview in DSI 1 for show preview in HDMI


Each time executing Capture needs to run below cmd to setup environment.

  sh /home/linaro/camera/copy_xml_file.sh

Then key-in capture cmd:


Five pictures will be taken and placed in /tmp/isptune with ppm filename extension. Build-in file viewer is capable to open and view the image.


1. All contents in /tmp/ are volatile and will disappear after reboot.

2. Disk space for /tmp/ is only ~300MB and one ppm image size is ~22MB, so it can only save ~12 pictures. Make sure to move (mv) image files to external storage before next Capture operation of stress test.