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Operating Systems


Latest version v1.8 - Debian stretch based. 2017/04/18

TinkerOS 1.8 Download page:

Direct links:

                 debian v1.4 [695MB]


Android 6.01 Marshmallow. 2017/05/15

Direct download: android image [239MB]

How to install Google Play Store: Installing Play Store


Download page: (nightly) [548 MB]


DietPi configurable distro NB: GPU features are disabled for this board (eg: Kodi, Desktop). Ideal for server usage

Download page: [116 MB]


Volumio - the Audiophile Music Player Operating system.

Direct download: volumio-2.170 [270 MB]


Yocto customized source tree which enables VPU (hardware accelerated decoding and encoding), GPU, WiFi, video processing libraries (FFMPEG, OpenCV etc.,)

Direct download: Yocto[925 MB]

FlintOS (chromeOS)

FlintOS boots straight into chromium, and works just like ChromeOS



ELAR systems have an lubuntu image for tinkerboard here: download: lubuntu

How-tos in TinkerOS

Remote access


Follow the instructions on


sudo apt-get install x11vnc

The following file shoud be opened ~/.config/lxsessions/LXDE/autostart and this line should be added to the bottom:

@x11vnc -noxrecord -forever

-noxrecord fixes a problem it has with stack smashing on this board

-forever option keeps the server alive after a connect and disconnect from a client

It must be restarted to run without a terminal.


Similar process is found on

VPN Server

A guide for RPi can be used also for Tinker Board and can be found on:

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

A guide is published on tinkerboarding forum.

Netflix is also available on android via Google Play.

Virtual Keyboard

If you do not have a USB keyboard it is possible to install virtual keyboard via ssh with command 'sudo apt-get matchbox-keyboard'. To run the virtual keyboard run the 'matchbox-keyboard' in the terminal.

How-tos in Android

How to root

In order to root Android you need to follow steps described at

An example of a full script can be found on